Eclipse Island rescue; esky to the rescue

eclipse island rescue in water with esky

1 February 2023

Eclipse Island rescue; esky to the rescue

At 1:16pm (AEDT) today, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) was alerted to a beacon activation off the coast of Eclipse Island, 17 kilometres south of Albany, WA.

AMSA diverted the Perth-based Challenger aircraft to the scene and reported three people in the water near a capsized vessel. Marine Rescue Albany was tasked by WA Police with supporting the search and rescue. All three people were rescued from the water, with no serious injuries.

AMSA would like to commend the Western Australia Police Force and Marine Rescue Albany for their assistance in this matter.

This incident highlights the importance of wearing a lifejacket and carrying a registered emergency beacon when on the water. In this case both may have meant the difference between life and death. Find out more at:

Footage of the rescue can be downloaded here:



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