AMSA issues direction notice on ICS Silver Spirit

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The Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s (AMSA) Maritime Emergency Response Commander has issued a legal direction to the Albany Port Authority, WA to allow the ICS Silver Spirit to enter the port for repairs. 

On 6 February, AMSA received a report that the Bahamas-registered cargo vessel was experiencing reduced speed after anchoring to undertake engine maintenance. The vessel has continued to have serious engine issues that require further repair. 

The Maritime Emergency Response Commander Mark Morrow said AMSA had made this direction to protect the local marine environment. 

“AMSA has a responsibility to take action to protect the marine environment and the safety of mariners,” he said. 

“We have significant concerns about the condition of the ICS Silver Spirit, and no one wants to see this vessel run aground. As such, AMSA has taken decisive action to direct the Port Authority to accept this vessel. 

“We have been monitoring the situation over the past few days and will continue to work with all stakeholders, including the Western Australian Government, to ensure the vessel and its crew port safely.” 

This direction has been issued through AMSA’s powers under the Protection of the Sea (Powers of Intervention) Act 1981, which gives the agency the power to protect the marine environment when it comes to shipping.    

Over the past 12 months, AMSA has noticed an increased frequency of casualty events involving merchant vessels.  The common denominator contributing to these events is failures of a vessels power generation and/or main engines. AMSA will continue to place a greater focus on planned maintenance of propulsion and auxiliary systems and will take necessary compliance actions to address any areas of concern.  For more information, please refer to AMSA issued Marine Notice 10/2022. 

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